• G-WADI Holds Meeting of Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Network

    Saturday, May 30, 2015
    The Sub-Saharan regional network of UNESCO IHP’s G- WADI programme met in Windhoek, Namibia from May 18-20. The meeting had two themes: continued expansion of the African Drought Early Warning System Expansion to Southern Africa, and meeting of the G-WADI/ International Drought Initiative (IDI) Africa Expert Group.  ICIWaRM is G-WADI’s Global Technical Secretariat and participated in the meeting. Scientists, engineers, managers and planners for water, environment and meteorological ministries and departments participated — from Namibia, Senegal, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Sweden,... Read More
  • Technical training session on PERSIANN held during Thai Hydrologist Association's (THA) 2015 conference

    Sunday, February 1, 2015
    About 50 water scientists and engineers attended a technical training session on “Satellite-based Rainfall (PERSIANN) for Planning and Management for Natural Disasters in Monsoon Asia”.  The session was held on 29 January 2015 during the Thai Hydrologist Association's (THA) 2015 conference. The session leadership included Prof. Xin Li (Asian G-WADISecretariat, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute (CAREERI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Assoc. Prof. Sucharit Koontanakulvong and Dr. Piyatida Hoisungwan, Department of Water Resources Engineering... Read More
  • G-WADI Team Member Completes Lake Chad Embassy Science Fellow Position

    Thursday, August 1, 2013
    Home G-WADI Team Member Completes Lake Chad Embassy Science Fellow Position G-WADI Team Member Completes Lake Chad Embassy Science Fellow Position 2013-08-01 ICIWaRM hydrologist, and G-WADI team member, Dr. Kristin Gilroy recently completed a one-month Embassy Science Fellow Position through the U.S. State Department in N’Djamena, Chad. Dr. Gilroy was selected for the Embassy Science Fellow (ESF) position to conduct a comprehensive assessment of current research efforts and opportunities for engagement toward finding science-based solutions to the disappearance of Lake... Read More
  • G-WADI Organizes Session on Rainfall Estimates Using Satellite Data

    Thursday, June 6, 2013
    Satellite-derived products are often the only timely precipitation estimates available to support decision-making in developing regions with a limited number of on-the-ground rain gages. G-WADI, has taken a leadership role in efforts to make such estimates for applications to floods and droughts in developing countries. Recent developments in this area were highlighted at a series of sessions at the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) recent Meeting of the Americas in Cancun, Mexico, May 14-17, 2013. The sessions, jointly organized by ICIWaRM team members, were titled “Advances in Satellite P... Read More
  • Papers in the G-WADI special issue on SCAR

    Monday, May 6, 2013
    2013-05-06 With the great support from Asian G-WADI Secretariat, we have published the G-WADI Special issue under Sciences and Cold Arid Regions Vol.5 No.1. On behalf of G-WADI we would like to thank all the contributors as well as the reviewers for their efforts. You will be able to access the online version from the journal page as well Asian G-WADI webpage Papers in the G-WADI Special Issue on SCAR Read More