G-WADI Launches the Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) framework for Africa and the Arab Region at the COP27

Jan. 4, 2023
Launch of French and Arabic Versions of CRIDA

G-WADI led UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (UNESCO IHP) participation at the UNFCCC COP27 on 14 November 2022 at the UNESCO Pavilion at the event “Launch of the Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA)” For Africa and the Arab Region”. The session had interpretation in English and French.

The session aimed at highlighting the methodology of CRIDA and the launching of its manual in French and Arabic while kicking-off online courses on the UNESCO Open Learning Platform. The event focused on past experiences concerning the implementation of CRIDA around the world (Latin America, Africa, Asia) and highlighted the upcoming publication “Approaching Climate and Disasters in an Age of Uncertainty” linked to CRIDA.

A video of the event is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_FY1FqvzTs. Other useful links follow.

Online course in French: https://bit.ly/3U4uGiJ

Online course in Arabic: https://bit.ly/3gzz7nY

CRIDA website: https://en.unesco.org/crida