G-WADI LAC Holds Second Meeting

July 10, 2011

G-WADI LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) held its second organizational meeting in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic, on July 1. G-WADI LAC was created in December 2010 at a special session of the International Conference "Arid and Semi Arid Development through Water Augmentation" in Valparaiso, Chile. At that meeting, the Water Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Zones in Latin America and the Caribbean (CAZALAC) was proposed as the regional secretariat, and preliminary terms of reference for the regional network were developed. The July 1 meeting, hosted by the Center for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources for the Caribbean Island States (CEHICA), followed up on the previous meeting, and focused on potential activities, case studies, participants and a work plan.